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Specification and Purchasing


Traffic signals are extremely critical with respect to life safety, so the process of specifying traffic signals is very important. This is done to ensure that the products that are installed will meet minimum performance requirements. Indeed, about 80% of the municipalities surveyed reported that they use a specification by which to evaluate signal performance: 40% use the specification developed by the ITE (or a modified version of it), 28% use the Caltrans specification (or a modification) and 12% use other specifications. The remaining 20% of agencies that use LED traffic signals have set up an in-house evaluation or testing process and make decisions based on the results of those evaluations. It seems likely that such a process would be used less now that specifications such as that of the ITE have been adopted, even on an interim basis.

Purchase and installation

Of the municipalities which were able to provide specific information on the purchasing procedures they use, most (about 75%) developed a process by which vendors would submit bids in response to a request. Based on the bids and on the success of the products in meeting the specifications or performance requirements, one of the vendors would be selected. About 25% of the municipalities were given opportunities to "piggyback" their orders onto those of a larger organization, such as a county or state. This process appears to help reduce overhead on the part of the municipality and also can reduce costs by guaranteeing larger purchases from the vendors.

About 33% of the agencies stated that the installation of signals was handled by a private organization or contractor. This is in comparison to only 7% which performed installation of LED traffic signals in-house. This information should be tempered, though, by the fact that for 60% of the municipalities it was not clear whether the installation was handled by the municipality or by an outside organization

Survey and Results
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2. List of Municipalities Surveyed
3. Market Snapshot
4. Specification and Purchasing
5. Technical Issues
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7. Summary and Conclusion
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