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ASSIST funds a wide range of research projects in LED lighting. These projects are designed to understand the basics of LED life, performance, and user preferences in order to better apply this technology to create successful, real-world lighting applications. Understanding LED performance is key to ensuring the maximum potential and future of LED lighting.

Additionally, ASSIST conducts application and demonstration projects to show how LEDs can be used successfully in many types of lighting applications and as an alternative to traditional technologies.

Recent ASSIST-funded projects include:

Developing a Predictive Life Test for LED Systems (2017)
In 2009, the LRC began investigating the life of LED lighting systems in order to develop an accelerated, predictive life-test procedure that accounts for both useful life and the possibility of catastrophic failure of a system at any given environment temperature and use pattern.

Measuring LED Lens Surface Temperature with Infrared Thermography pdf logo (2016)
Measuring the surface temperature of an LED lens accurately in the presence of high-luminous exitance is quite challenging. LRC researchers investigated the use of an infrared imager to measure LED lens surface temperature.

ASSIST Application & Benefit Metric Guides (2015)
ASSIST has developed short design guides that suggest alternative ways to evaluate and compare LED solutions with traditional lighting technologies. The suggestions focus on how application metrics and benefit metrics can be used and contrasted to typical light source or luminaire metrics when assessing the effectiveness of different lighting options at meeting the design objectives.

ASSIST recommends… Assessing Direct Perception of Flicker pdf logo (2015)
ASSIST has proposed a new method for measuring and quantifying direct perception of light source flicker.

ASSIST recommends… Light Source Flicker: Application Considerations pdf logo (2015)
ASSIST has published a guide describing experimental data that illustrate how detection and acceptability of stroboscopic effects change under different conditions that might be more applicable to certain lighting applications.

Measuring LED Lens Surface Temperature with Thermocouples pdf logo (2014)
The LRC conducted a study to understand the problems in using thermocouples to measure LED lens surface temperature and to find a solution to improve measurement accuracy.

Parking Lot Lighting with Improved Uniformity (2015)
In this study, the Lighting Research Center sought to better understand the energy and user acceptance benefits of high illuminance uniformity on outdoor area or parking lot lighting.

Understanding White Light Source Color Rendering and Appearance (2014)
For the past decade, the LRC and ASSIST have conducted a long-term study of subjective preferences using psychophysical experiments to understand how observers perceive white light sources and what they prefer in terms of object color rendering and the white hue or tint of a light source.

LED Lighting for Multi-family Housing (2013)
The LRC and ASSIST have published a guide for multi-family housing owners and facility managers on how to upgrade to LED lighting.

Electronic Walls and Ceilings Offer Adaptable Solid-State Lighting (2012)
Solid-state lighting offers new ways to think about how we light our spaces. The LRC has developed a flexible interior infrastructure that integrates solid-state lighting with other building materials and systems, allowing for rapid reconfigurations of built-in lighting.

LED Lighting for Supermarket Freezer Display Cases (2010)
Beginning in 2002, the LRC investigated the use of LEDs in supermarket refrigerator and freezer display cases, where fluorescent lamps were a common but not ideal technology for cold environments. Laboratory experiments, a supermarket demonstration, and a lighting performance test method designed for freezer displays helped lead the transformation of this application to LEDs.

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