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New York State Energy and Research Development Authority

For 20 years, the LRC has worked to advance the global LED lighting transformation through research, demonstration, and education.

Today, we are helping the lighting industry move forward to the next revolution — adding value to LED lighting through 3D printing.

NEW! Online Course in 3D Printing for Lighting Starting Sept. 30

This live, interactive course is designed for professionals from the lighting, 3D printing, additive manufacturing, and related industries to understand the possibilities of 3D printing for lighting. Learn more

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Lighting Research Center Initiates Industry Collaboration to Study and Explore 3D Printing Solutions for Lighting

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Thermal Characterization of 3D-printed Components for Lighting

Is 3D printing the next frontier for the LED lighting industry?

Use the links at left to learn more about the LRC's work in LED lighting and 3D printing

The Future of Lighting

3D Online Course

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