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LED Residential Under-cabinet Luminaires
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Title:  LED Residential Under-cabinet Luminaires
Date:  2010
Last updated:  May 2010
Author(s):  Jeremy Snyder
Number of Pages:  13
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Lighting Answers: LED Residential Under-cabinet Luminaires provides information about LED under-cabinet luminaires that were available in consumer-oriented retail stores in the Albany, New York, area in the spring of 2009. The four available linear under-cabinet luminaires intended for kitchen applications were tested to determine the amount of light each provides on countertop and backsplash areas, the uniformity and color of the light, and the efficacy of the luminaires. Traditional linear under-cabinet luminairesótwo fluorescent and two incandescent xenon modelsówere tested for comparison. This report discusses the results of the performance testing, energy and financial savings, and other considerations such as warranties.


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