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CFL Residential Downlights
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CFL Residential Downlights Title:  CFL Residential Downlights
Date:  2008
Author(s):  Conan O'Rourke, Chris Gribbin, Patricia Rizzo
Number of Pages:  32
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This issue of Specifier Reports presents photometric, electrical, and thermal performance data for selected CFL residential downlights that qualify for ENERGY STAR® approval. Since 1980, the trend in residential new construction and remodeling has been to install recessed downlights as the predominant luminaire. Their clean, low-profile appearance appeals to many consumers. This report examines recessed downlight components, installation, operation, and performance. Related reports: See Specifier Reports: CFL Downlights (NLPIP 1995) for information on spacing criterion and glare related to residential downlights. See Specifier Reports: Energy-Efficient Ceiling-Mounted Residential Luminaires (NLPIP 1999b) for general information about performance issues.


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