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Low-wattage Metal Halide Lighting Systems
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Title:  Low-wattage Metal Halide Lighting Systems
Date:  2006
Author(s):  Jennifer Taylor
Number of Pages:  104
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This issue of Specifier Reports updates information reported in Specifier Reports: HID Accent Lighting Systems, revised 1998, supplement 2000. The new report discusses low-wattage metal halide lamps of 150 watts or less and their operation on magnetic ballasts and non-dimming electronic ballasts. The lamps discussed include medium screwbase, non-reflector models, which represent those commonly found in low-wattage metal halide general lighting. NLPIP tested a limited selection of 70-watt metal halide lamps, their associated ballasts, and selected lamp-ballast combinations. The testing was designed to evaluate lamp life, lamp efficacy, lumen maintenance, and color, as well as the impact of lamp type and ballast type on the lighting system, including system power quality and system efficacy. Tables provide the testing results and compare these results to manufacturers’ claims.


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