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Alternatives to Halogen Torchieres
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Halogen Torchiers Title:  Alternatives to Halogen Torchieres
Date:  2000
Author(s):  Alma E. F. Taylor
Number of Pages:  16
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Alternatives to Halogen Torchieres examines the strengths and weaknesses of halogen torchieres and provides information about the energy efficiency, light distribution, and price of halogen and alternative torchieres. Halogen torchieres are popular with consumers because of their appearance, light distribution, versatility, availability, and cost. Torchieres are an inexpensive source of indirect lighting and do not require an electrician to install them. Their slim, upright design helps them fit into almost any decor. They are lightweight and can be easily moved from room to room. Energy concerns and well-publicized fires have increased interest in alternatives to halogen torchieres, however. Manufacturers have designed torchieres that use A-lamps, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), or metal halide lamps instead of tubular halogen lamps.


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