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Reflector Lamps
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Title:  Reflector Lamps
Date:  1994
Author(s):  Dorene Maniccia, Robert Wolsey
Number of Pages:  48
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This issue of Specifier Reports addresses the issues involved in selecting replacements for the incandescent R and PAR lamps that are now prohibited by the Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPACT). Manufacturers' data are supplied for 75-, 100-, and 150-watt R and PAR flood and spot lamps and for their recommended replacements. The report compares the measured performance characteristics of four categories of lamps often used in architectural lighting (150-wall PAR38 and 75-watt R30 flood and spot lamps) with their manufacturer-recommended replacements. A reflector lamp is any lamp or product that has a reflective coating, such as incandescent reflector lamps and compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) reflector products. Some reflector lamps are labeled as "energy-saving," but they do not all meet the EPACT efficacy requirements.


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