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Guide to Specifying High-Frequency Electronic Ballasts
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Title:  Guide to Specifying High-Frequency Electronic Ballasts
Date:  1996
Author(s):  Yunfen Ji
Number of Pages:  4
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This Guide helps lighting specifiers understand and use manufacturer-supplied data to select appropriate high-frequency electronic ballasts. The Guide covers criteria that specifiers should use when choosing ballasts, including starting method, ballast factor, power factor and total harmonic distortion, lamp-ballast compatibility, inrush current, and ballast reliability. It includes a sample specification form and questions specifiers can ask of manufacturers about ballast reliability. High-frequency electronic ballasts for fluorescent lighting systems, also called solid-state ballasts, provide significant energy savings over magnetic ballasts. More detailed information on electronic ballasts, including manufacturer-specific performance data, is available in NLPIP's Specifier Reports: Electronic Ballasts.


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