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Electronic Ballasts
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Title:  Electronic Ballasts
Date:  2000
Author(s):  Alma E. F. Taylor
Number of Pages:  32
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NLPIP collected data from 12 manufacturers of non-dimming electronic ballasts and independently evaluated 74 of the ballasts from the manufacturers for this report. These ballasts operate T5, T8, T10, and T12 fluorescent lamps. The report explains performance characteristics of electronic ballasts, plus other factors such as lamp/ballast starting methods. It discusses considerations for specifiers and important lamp/ballast compatibility parameters such as glow current, electrode voltage, and electrode preheat time. It provides manufacturer-supplied data and brand-name performance results. High-frequency electronic ballasts, also called solid-state ballasts, are promoted as a technology that can provide significant energy savings for fluorescent lighting systems. Their share of the market has grown steadily since their introduction.


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