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Multilayer Polarizer Panels
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Title:  Multilayer Polarizer Panels
Date:  1993
Author(s):  Naomi Miller, Robert Wolsey
Number of Pages:  6
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Multilayer Polarizer Panels discusses the effectiveness of multi-layer polarizer panels as a means of maintaining visual performance at reduced illuminances. Multi-layer polarizer panels work with fluorescent lamp luminaires to produce partially polarized light, which can increase the contrast of a visual task under some viewing conditions. In principle, a decrease in illuminance can accompany an increase in task contrast without affecting visual performance. Because a reduction in illuminance implies a reduction in the electric power used for lighting, multi-layer polarizer panels have been promoted as energy-saving devices in typical commercial spaces. In this report, NLPIP investigates whether the contrast improvement from polarized light is great enough to justify a reduction in recommended illuminances.


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