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Task Lighting for Offices
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Title:  Task Lighting for Offices
Date:  1994
Author(s):  Naomi Miller, Robert Wolsey
Number of Pages:  8
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This issue of Lighting Answers examines under-shelf and portable task lighting and explains how to use task lighting effectively to save energy and improve visibility. It covers the types of luminaires that are available and how to use them to best effect. Task lighting can provide illumination where it is most needed--on the work surface--more economically than the most energy-efficient ceiling luminaire because task lighting is located closer to the work surface. When retrofitting the lighting in an office, the general illuminance can be reduced if task lighting is implemented properly into the overall design, resulting in significant energy savings and improved visibility for workers. Task lighting options include both portable desk lamps and products that are mounted under shelves or cabinets attached to office partitions.


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