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Electromagnetic Interference Involving Fluorescent Lighting Systems
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Title:  Electromagnetic Interference Involving Fluorescent Lighting Systems
Date:  1995
Author(s):  Arnold Buddenberg, Amy Fowler
Number of Pages:  8
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This issue of Lighting Answers identifies applications where electromagnetic interference (EMI) involving fluorescent lighting systems may cause problems, helps specifiers troubleshoot existing EMI problems, describes how to avoid EMI problems, and educates specifiers about EMI in commercial offices. Electronic devices commonly found in offices--such as computers, photocopiers, facsimile machines, and fluorescent lighting systems--can generate electromagnetic waves. The effects of these waves vary based on their strength and the susceptibility of nearby equipment. Although the hundreds of thousands of electronic ballasts installed in North America have been associated with few documented cases of EMI, these cases attract attention and diminish the reputation of an important component of energy-efficient lighting systems.


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