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T10 and T9 Fluorescent Lamps
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Title:  T10 and T9 Fluorescent Lamps
Date:  1995
Author(s):  Robert Wolsey
Number of Pages:  8
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This issue of Lighting Answers documents the performance of different T10 and T9 lamps and helps specifiers and users identify applications for which these lamps may be suitable. The report covers required ballast types, average rated life, color characteristics, and cost of T10 and T9 lamps. It considers only linear fluorescent lamps for common architectural applications. In some cases, T10 and T9 lamps offer advantages over T12 and T8 lamps, including higher light output, higher lamp efficacy, higher color rendering index (CRI) values, a wider selection of correlated color temperatures (CCTs), and compatibility with several ballast types. T12 and T8 lamp performance does not vary greatly among different lamp manufacturers, but T10 and T9 lamp performance can vary significantly depending on the manufacturer.


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