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Specular Reflectors
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Title:  Specular Reflectors
Date:  1992
Author(s):  Robert G. Davis
Number of Pages:  14
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For this Specifier Report, NLPIP evaluated a variety of specular reflectors in two-foot by four-foot four-lamp fluorescent luminaires with prismatic lenses in which two lamps were removed and a specular reflector installed. NLPIP tested two aluminum specular reflectors and two silver specular reflectors with T12, T10, and T8 lamps. Specular reflectors, which are luminaire components that have highly polished surfaces, can be used in new fluorescent luminaires or installed in existing luminaires as a retrofit strategy. Although the specular reflector itself does not save energy, applications of specular reflectors that increase luminaire efficiency can save energy by reducing the number of lamps and/or luminaires that are required. Concerns about specular reflectors include alteration of the photometric distribution of luminaires in which they are installed and degradation of the reflective material over time.


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