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Exit Signs
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Title:  Exit Signs
Date:  1994
Supplement 1:  1995
Supplement 2:  1998
Author(s):  Peter R. Boyce
Number of Pages:  56
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Many new exit signs are available that use alternative light source technologies. Retrofit kits are also available for converting existing incandescent-type signs to more energy-efficient light sources. This Specifier Report covers both kinds of products: energy-efficient, internally illuminated exit signs and energy-efficient retrofit kits for existing internally illuminated exit signs. It includes manufacturers' product information for 57 products and the results of NLPIP's evaluations of the products' photometric properties, power characteristics, readability, and visibility in smoke. Many existing exit signs use incandescent lamps. By using light source technologies that are more energy efficient than conventional incandescent lamps, the power demand and energy consumption of exit signs can be reduced markedly.


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