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CFL Downlights
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Title:  CFL Downlights
Date:  1995
Author(s):  Weihong Chen, Robert G. Davis
Number of Pages:  24
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This issue of Specifier Reports contains in-depth information about compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) downlights. It covers performance characteristics, luminaire efficiency, spacing criteria, glare control, iridescence of the reflector material, maintenance, and the effects of lamp position and temperature on light output. The report also addresses the special concerns of specifiers and provides both manufacturer-supplied data and brand-name performance results. In many ways, the CFL has come to symbolize energy efficiency in lighting. These lamps can replace incandescent lamps in existing luminaires, including downlights, but their optical characteristics differ from those of incandescent lamps. Accordingly, CFLs for downlights must be chosen with care.


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