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Parking Lot and Area Luminaires
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Title:  Parking Lot and Area Luminaires
Date:  2004
Author(s):  Michele McColgan, John Van Derlofske
Number of Pages:  48

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NLPIP collected data from 34 manufacturers of parking lot and area luminaires and independently evaluated 23 luminaires from the manufacturers for this report. The selection was limited to luminaires that utilize 250-watt metal halide lamps and the same IES classification (type III). The report lists the luminaire types, components, classifications, considerations, performance characteristics, and application issues when used for parking lot and area lighting. Manufacturer-supplied information and information from test reports for each luminaire were compared regarding IES classification (type) and IES cutoff classification. The luminaires were analyzed using new metrics and compared in terms of luminaire efficiency, glare, light trespass, and sky glow.


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