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Guide to Fluorescent Lamp-Ballast Compatibility
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Title:  Guide to Fluorescent Lamp-Ballast Compatibility
Date:  1996
Author(s):  Yunfen Ji
Number of Pages:  4
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This Guide includes information about lamp-ballast compatibility, plus a table and product information sheet for use in specifying fluorescent lighting systems. The table includes specification guidelines from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). When a lamp and ballast both meet all the guidelines in the table, they should be compatible. The product information sheet can be used to collect product-specific information from ballast manufacturers. Lighting specifiers and end-users can minimize the problems of unreliable starting, end darkening, and reduced lamp life in fluorescent lighting systems by selecting compatible lamps and ballasts and checking to be sure that these products meet ANSI guidelines. In general, lamp manufacturers warrant their lamps only for operation on ballasts that meet ANSI guidelines.


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