Volume 6 Issue 1
July 2002    
Is there any difference in wiring between T5 and T8 ballasts?

Wiring methods vary for both T5 and T8 ballasts, depending on the starting methods the ballasts use. Wiring for instant start ballasts differs from that for rapid start ballasts and programmed start ballasts. In addition, the rapid and programmed start ballasts have two options for wiring when being connected with more than two T5 lamps (see figure 6). Figure 6 illustrates the two wiring methods of T5 ballasts. In series wiring, electrodes of two lamps are connected in series, while electrodes are connected in parallel in the other method. OSRAM SYLVANIA, Inc., and Universal Lighting Technologies mainly use the series wiring method. On the other hand, Advance Transformer Co.; EBW Electronics; Future Wave Technologies, Inc.; K-TRONIK International Co.; and Robertson Worldwide use the parallel wiring method. Energy Savings' ballasts can be wired by either way. Incorrectly wiring any ballast may hasten end darkening of lamps and/or shorten lamp life. Always verify the wiring method with the manufacturer's recommendations.

Figure 6. Wiring Methods for T5 Ballasts

(a)  Series Wiring (b)  Parallel Wiring

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