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    Volume 6 Issue 1
July 2002    
Is it possible to dim T5 lamps?

It is possible to dim T5 lamps with dimming ballasts. In the United States, several dimming ballasts for T5 high output (T5 HO) lamps are available. At least two ballast manufacturers—OSRAM SYLVANIA, Inc., and Energy Savings (see Do T5 lamps need special ballasts?)—produce analog dimming ballasts for T5 HO lamps, and at least one manufacturer—TRIDONIC, Inc., 866-874-3664 or 770-717-0556,—provides digital dimming ballasts for T5 HO lamps. Few dimming ballasts for standard T5 lamps are available, however. Analog dimming ballasts use a standard 0- to 10-volt direct-current (VDC) dimming control signal. Digital dimming ballasts use digital communication technology that is controllable through switch DIM®, Digital Serial Interface (DSI), or Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI). The manufacturers claim that these ballasts can dim from 100% to 1% of full light output.

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