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    Volume 6 Issue 1
July 2002    
What are the common trade names for T5 lamps?

Table 14-1 summarizes the trade names and catalog number designations for standard and high-output 4-foot T5 lamps of various color temperatures. Table 14-2 summarizes contact information of manufacturers in the United States.

Table 14-1. Trade Names

Mfg. Name Trade Name CRI Catalog Designation

3000K 3500K 4100K

GE Lighting None 85 F28W/T5/HE/830 F28W/T5/HE/835 F28W/T5/HE/841
85 F54W/T5/HO/830 F54W/T5/HO/835 F54W/T5/HO/841

PENTRON 82 FP28/830 FP28/835 FP28/841
PENTRON HO 82 FP28/830/HO FP28/835/HO FP28/841/HO

Philips Lighting Silhouette 85 F28T5/830 F28T5/835 F28T5/841
85 F54T5/830/HO F54T5/835/HO F54T5/841/HO

Table 14-2. T5 Lamp Manufacturers and their Contacts in the United States

Manufacturer Telephone Web Site

GE Lighting 800-327-0533

OSRAM SYLVANIA, Inc. 978-777-1900

Philips Lighting 800-555-0050

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