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    Volume 6 Issue 1
July 2002    
What are good applications for T5 lamps?

T5 lamps differ from T8 and T12 lamps in length and socket size. T5 lamps also require different ballasts than T8 or T12 lamps do. These differences between T5 and T8 lamps make it inappropriate to replace T8 or T12 lamps with T5 lamps. For retrofit applications, the entire luminaire should be replaced with a T5 system. T5 luminaires are usually used in new construction projects. Because T5 lamps have smaller diameters, shorter lengths, and higher luminances than T8 and T12 lamps, they are more suitable for indirect lighting, direct/indirect lighting, direct lighting for high-bay applications, and wall-washing applications.

How can T5 lamps be used for indirect lighting?

The smaller diameter of T5 lamps allows them to fit in narrow spaces and be easily hidden out of view, making them suitable for indirect lighting for cove, cabinet, and display applications. Using high-output T5 lamps instead of normal T5 lamps for these applications can increase the light output.

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