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Exterior Luminaires

  • For lighting large areas, IR halogen PAR flood lamps are the most efficient incandescent PAR flood lamps. Halogen PAR floods are more efficient than standard PAR floods. Motion detectors for security lighting switch on lamps only when motion is sensed. Integrated photocells are a good feature for luminaires that house lamps that operate all night.
  • For porch lighting, post-top lighting, or small area lighting, compact fluorescent lamps enclosed in a luminaire suffice when lower light output in c temperatures is acceptable.
  • Metal halide lamps work well for lighting large areas for extended use. High-pressure sodium lamps are a poor choice when color is a consideration. Mercury lamps are less efficient than metal halide lamps and are almost as poor for color as high-pressure sodium. These three HID lamps warm up a few minutes before reaching full intensity and require special ballasts.
  • Solar-powered landscape and walk lighting requires no wiring for power and installs easily.
  • Floodlights mounted high on buildings provide wider light distribution. Poorly aimed floodlights aimed at windows can disturb residents, neighbors, and others in or near the space.

CAUTION - Luminaires with an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) wet location listing withstand exposure to the weather. Covered porches are typical of locations providing enough shelter for damp-location luminaires.

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