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How can I see my television or computer better?

It is difficult to see your television or computer when light from your fixtures or windows is reflected from the screen into your eyes. It is also uncomfortable when you have a direct view of a bright window or fixture. You can increase the visibility of the screen and your comfort by:

  • Using shades or blinds on your window during the day.
  • Select the location of the television or computer carefully. Sit in your normal viewing places with the television or computer off. If you can see an image of a window or a light fixture reflected in the screen, adjust your seating position, the location of the screen, or move the fixture.
  • Avoid placing the screen in front of a window.
  • Light the room with fixtures that spread a little light over large areas of the ceiling and walls. A floor lamp that throws light upwards is a good choice.

Select the location of the television carefully, and use fixtures that spread light over large areas of ceiling and walls.

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