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AARP Andrus Foundation is acknowledged for supporting the development and production of this publication. We at the LRC are pleased to have the opportunity to bring our research to life. This publication was a team effort. Russ Leslie is acknowledged for rewriting some of the sections and working with the artist to assure that the graphics were accurate and high quality; Mark Rea is acknowledged for his great insights that added value to this publication and for providing technical and editorial review; Peter Boyce is acknowledged for providing technical review; Yi Zhang is acknowledged for developing the drawings for this publication. Some of the drawings were based on drawings developed by Mark Patrizio and Bruce Kaiser for The Lighting Pattern Book for Homes. James Gross is acknowledged for the graphic design, cover artwork, and for overseeing the final production. Keith Toomey and the LRC communications group are also acknowledged for the production of this publication. Dan Frering, Zengwei Fu, Patricia Rizzo, and Chris Forget are also acknowledged for their contribution to this publication.

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