Lighting can affect the environment in ways beyond the release of pollutants due to electricity production. Below are some of the projects related to these other environmental impacts.

CFL Mercury Safety
This is a 2012 investigation of the health effects of mercury exposure from broken compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) in a residential or office context. The report discusses the health effects of mercury, the amount of mercury released from broken CFLs, and CFL features that may reduce mercury release..
Light Pollution
This 2007 publication discusses the three elements of light pollution, which are sky glow, light trespass, and glare, and gives examples and recommendations for minimizing or eliminating the undesirable effects of each element when designing and using outdoor lighting.
satellite image of earth at night
Outdoor Site Lighting Performance
The LRC developed Outdoor Site (Lighting) Performance, or OSP, a framework for quantifying light pollution from an installation. OSP is the first comprehensive, quantitative system of assessing light pollution based upon the concept that property owners should be able to meet their lighting design objectives while adhering to light pollution regulations set by their communities. OSP uses a calculation ‘shoe box’ that follows the boundaries of a property and a top plane.
OSP boundary