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Daylight photosensor systems are widely misunderstood and poorly characterized. The lack of understanding about daylight photosensor systems is a barrier to their widespread use, resulting in a missed opportunity for energy savings. Misunderstanding about photosensor operation also limits future technological advances in photosensor performance and functionality. To help overcome this barrier, this site will:

  • Elucidate the principles of photosensor operation for a better understanding of how they work as part of a lighting system;
  • Show how photosensors can be technically evaluated;
  • Show how photosensors can be appropriately applied;
  • Show how current photosensors perform;
  • Stimulate manufacturers to provide a high performance product.

The intended audience includes specifiers, contractors, lighting designers and photosensor manufacturers, as well as people interested in energy-saving technologies. To help serve all audiences, the information in this tutorial is organized into levels of increasing detail.

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