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Becoming a Sponsor

Join the select group of sponsors that team up with the Lighting Research Center to test and publish product-specific information to the lighting world. NLPIP sponsors are in a unique position to influence the lighting market.

NLPIP sponsors provide direct input on products to be evaluated. As a sponsor, you receive early drafts of reports. You also receive valuable performance data as well as public recognition of your support and involvement in this industry-recognized program.

Valuable Resource

The information supplied by NLPIP is a valuable resource for industry, government, and public organizations.
  • Energy Efficiency and Utility Program Managers receive the information they need to determine product appropriateness for lighting programs. This information can be used in training sessions and can be distributed to customers.

  • Public policy makers can use this resource to choose performance criteria for regulating lighting products.

  • Lighting specifiers, as well as end users, can verify manufacturers' claims independently, thus stimulating higher quality standards.

  • Environmental advocacy groups can use this information to encourage the use of efficient lighting products.

Advisory Board

Sponsors are members of the NLPIP Advisory Board, which plays a major role in the direction of the program. The Board sets policies, procedures, and priorities. It decides which products will be evaluated and gives input for those evaluations. The Board also allocates funds for publications and long-term testing. The level of sponsorship determines participation on the Board. Refer to Sponsor Benefits below for details.

Sponsor Fees and Benefits

There are two sponsorship levels for NLPIP:
Annual Funding Level Advisory Privileges Customized Services Publications Public Recognition
Level 1- $100,000 2 Advisory Board votes Additional testing procedures or product evaluation at cost 400 copies of each publication. Additional copies at cost Full recognition on all publications. Option to license publications for special printing
Level 2- $50,000 Advisory Board vote Additional testing procedures or product evaluation at cost 200 copies of each publication. Additional copies at cost Full recognition on all publications

Interested in Becoming a Sponsor?

Please contact:
Jeremy Snyder
Program Director
National Lighting Product Information Program
Lighting Research Center
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
21 Union St.
Troy, NY 12180

Phone: 518-687-7182
Fax: 518-687-7120


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