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Cathode-Disconnect Ballasts
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Title:  Cathode-Disconnect Ballasts
Date:  1993
Author(s):  Yunfen Ji, Robert Wolsey
Number of Pages:  12
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This issue of Specifier Reports contains information on input voltage, rated life, maximum temperature, electrode heating voltage, active power, total harmonic distortion, lamp current crest factor, ballast factor, and ballast efficacy factor for cathode-disconnect ballasts made by the three major North American manufacturers. It discusses electronic ballasts only as they compare with cathode-disconnect ballasts. Several energy-efficient ballast options are available for replacing old ballasts or installing a new lighting system: energy-efficient magnetic ballasts, electronic ballasts, and cathode-disconnect ballasts. Cathode-disconnect ballasts are electromagnetic ballasts that disconnect the electrode-heating circuits after the lamps are statred. They operate lamps at 60 hertz.


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