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HID Accent Lighting Systems
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Title:  HID Accent Lighting Systems
Date:  1996
Supplement 1:  2000
Author(s):  Claudia Hunter, Katherine Miller
Number of Pages:  62
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In this issue of Specifier Reports, NLPIP evaluates the following characteristics of high-intensity discharge (HID) accent lighting systems: photometric performance of low-wattage HID lamps; effects of tilting on the light output of medium-base, universal-burn metal halide lamps; effects of voltage variation on the light output, color, and lamp power of double-ended metal halide lamps operated on electronic and magnetic ballasts; and ease of aiming and relamping of recessed and semi-recessed adjustable luminaires and track luminaires. Low-wattage high-pressure sodium and metal halide lamps are increasingly popular among lighting specifiers. These HID lamps have higher efficacy, longer average rated life, and greater light output than the incandescent lamps typically used for accent lighting applications.


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