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T8 Fluorescent Lamps
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Title:  T8 Fluorescent Lamps
Date:  1993
Author(s):  Robert Wolsey
Number of Pages:  6
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T8 Fluorescent Lamps discusses the T8 fluorescent lamp--a tubular lamp with a diameter of one inch that uses a medium bi-pin base that allows it to fit into the same luminaires as a T12 lamp of the same length. The report covers color characteristics, ballast requirements, light output, lamp life, and appropriate uses of T8 lamps. Introduced in the United States in 1981, the 32-watt T8 lamp provided improvement in the efficacy of 4-foot fluorescent lamps. T8 lamps also have improved color characteristics compared to those of standard T12 lamps. Today the T8 lamp is becoming the standard for new construction and is increasingly popular as a retrofit replacement for 40-watt T12 lamps. All major lamp manufacturers market T8 lamps, and they are readily available in a variety of straight and U-shaped configurations through standard distribution channels.


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