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Dimming Electronic Ballasts
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Title:  Dimming Electronic Ballasts
Date:  1999
Author(s):  Conan O'Rourke
Number of Pages:  24
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This Specifier Report covers ballast types, control signal circuitry, and control devices for dimming electronic ballasts. It explains performance characteristics including, dimming range, power quality, ballast life, and lamp starting and operation. The report also examines considerations for specifiers and available alternative technologies. It includes manufacturer-supplied data and brand-name performance results. Dimming electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps can save energy and increase the range of illuminances provided by a lighting system. Most dimming electronic ballasts are silent and cause no perceptible flicker. Control devices for dimming electronic ballasts include automatic and manual dimmers, photosensors to dim lamps when daylight is available, and energy management systems that dim lamps during peak demand hours or at night.


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