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Energy-Efficient Ceiling Mounted Residential Luminaires
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Title:  Energy-Efficient Ceiling Mounted Residential Luminaires
Date:  1999
Supplement 1:  2000
Last updated:  June 2000
Author(s):  Sandra Vasconez
Number of Pages:  32
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This issue of Specifier Reports evaluates 42 hardwired ceiling-mounted residential luminaires that use compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). It provides information about performance issues such as lamp efficacy, lamp life, ballast life, ballast factor, luminaire efficacy, luminaire efficiency, and light distribution. In recent years, manufacturers have introduced new styles of energy-efficient residential luminaires (usually designed for fluorescent lamps), yet consumers have been slow to adopt these products, even with utility and government programs promoting them. For these programs to succeed, fluorescent-lamp luminaires must have prices and styles that consumers will accept, and promoters of energy-efficient residential luminaires must address the lack of information available to consumers.


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