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Established by the Lighting Research Center (LRC) in 1990, NLPIP helps lighting professionals, contractors, designers, building managers, homeowners, and other consumers to find and effectively use efficient, quality products that meet their lighting needs. NLPIP performs independent testing of lighting products and systems, including manufacturer-specific performance tests. With the support of government agencies, public benefit organizations, and electric utilities, NLPIP disseminates objective, accurate, timely, manufacturer-specific information on energy-efficient lighting products.

CFL Testing Apparatus

*  NVLAP (National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program), Energy Efficient Lighting Program
NLPIP team members are LRC researchers who are leading experts in efficient lighting, human factors, and technology transfer. The program's testing laboratory is a non-manufacturer NVLAP* accredited lab (NVLAP lab code: 200480-0).

Guiding Decisions

Lighting users, utilities, government agencies, and public benefit organizations need to evaluate performance claims about lighting technology. NLPIP provides manufacturer-specific information and performance data in useful formats to help guide their lighting decisions. NLPIP's work culminates in a series of publications that explain new technologies, provide testing results, and reports on field investigations of lighting products. These reports are readily available for free download on this website. Since the inception of the program, over one and a half million copies of the program's publications have been accessed by lighting specifiers around the world.

NLPIP tests lighting products according to accepted industry procedures, developing interim tests in cases where procedures are not available or applicable. In addition to individual product testing, NLPIP provides benchmark assessments of lighting system interactions and building performance issues.

Delivering Objective, Reliable Information

To maintain objectivity and ensure reliability, NLPIP does NOT accept funding from manufacturers. In fact, NLPIP was the first outside agency to supply data to Consumers Union for its Consumer Reports. This data appeared in the January 2000 Consumer Reports on compact fluorescent lamps.

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