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DELTA Portfolio
DELTA Portfolio: A&P Food Market

Good lighting can affect supermarket operating costs and customers and employee satisfaction. This store in Old Lyme, Connecticut, updated its lighting to improve customer appeal and save energy. The new design eliminates incandescent lighting entirely and instead uses T8 fluorescent lighting, with double-ended compact metal halide and compact fluorescent lamps for specialty areas. Automatic controls make the most of daylight and lower light levels at night.
Daylighting for Whole Foods Market DELTA Portfolio: Daylighting in Whole Foods Market

DELTA evaluated a newly-built Whole Foods Market in Yonkers, New York, with skylights, clerestory windows, and a roof monitor that provide daylight. The store’s daylighting allows the building management system to turn off half of the general lighting during the day.
DELTA Snapshots
DELTA Snapshots: Supermarket Lighting, Issue 2

Good lighting in a supermarket is critical for showing the freshness and quality of food. This installation in the produce area of a supermarket features a new T8 fluorescent lamp with enhanced color rendering, higher lumen maintenance, and longer life than conventional T8 lamps.
DELTA Snapshots: Lindt Chocolate Shop, Retail Lighting

Lighting in retail applications must entice people to enter a store and direct attention to the merchandise. Ideally it should also use energy efficiently and avoid damaging the merchandise with excessive heat. This Snapshot shows how one retail store--an upscale chocolate shop--has balanced the need to attract attention with the need for energy-efficient lighting. Light from soffits and bright paint colors make the walls look cheerful, trackheads add sparkle to merchandise packaging, and parabolic troffers provide general lighting throughout the store.
Field Test DELTA Snapshots
LED Accent Lighting in a Community Art Gallery Field Test DELTA Snapshots: LED Accent Lighting in a Community Art Gallery

Conventional accent lighting for galleries typically consists of aimable track heads with incandescent halogen light sources such as PAR or MR16 lamps. Lately, several manufacturers have developed LED lighting systems for art galleries to provide accent lighting while reducing energy use. The objective of this study was to evaluate an LED track head designed for accent lighting and compare its performance to conventional accent lighting and to the existing diffuse lighting.
Field Test DELTA Snapshots: LED Lighting in Freezer Cases

Supermarket freezers use interior case lighting to make products visible and to capture the attention of shoppers. For this publication, the Lighting Research Center evaluated a freezer case with prototype LED lighting side-by-side with a freezer case with standard T8 fluorescent lamps. Several LED conditions were tested, including full output and dimmed to approximately 80% output. Results from the study include energy use, product sales, and shoppers’ preference for each technology.
Field Test DELTA
Daylight-Harvesting Switch Field Test DELTA: Daylight-Harvesting Switch

The DaySwitch® is a simple daylight-harvesting switch designed to turn off electric lights when plentiful daylight is available. The LRC developed the DaySwitch, collaborated with manufacturing partners to build prototypes, and demonstrated the device in a wide range of locations throughout the Rensselaer campus. This publication summarizes the product features and demonstration results.

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