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DELTA Portfolio
DELTA Portfolio: Highway Rest Areas

DELTA evaluated the exterior and interior lighting at the newly expanded Clifton Park Rest Area on the I-87 Adirondack Northway in Upstate New York. The facility, which is open 24 hours a day, has parking, picnic areas, a dog walking area, and a pavilion. Inside the pavilion are a tourist information counter, restrooms, vending machines, and a State Police Station. This publication describes the lighting, discusses the public's reaction to the lighting, and quantifies the energy savings and environmental impact of the lighting.
DELTA Snapshots
DELTA Snapshots: Electrodeless Lighting

Electrodeless lamps can reduce relamping requirements and improve color rendering in exterior environments. This project retrofits the lighting system in Union Square Park in New York City. A New York State utility replaced the old system, which used 100-W high-pressure sodium lamps, with an electrodeless fluorescent lamp system that reduces relamping frequency and improves color rendering and visibility of people in the park.
DELTA Snapshots: Gas Station Canopy Lighting

The recent trend toward increasingly bright lighting for gas station has caused drivers, residents of surrounding areas, and local officials to complain about excessive glare and light trespass. This Snapshot shows how gas stations can provide satisfactory light levels for their customers at night while reducing glare and light trespass. Other lighting objectives included attracting customers, helping customers feel safe, and making the station visible from a distance.
DELTA Snapshots: Outdoor Entry Lighting

Carefully selected outdoor luminaires can reduce energy use, improve lighting quality, and provide a sense of security for homeowners. This Snapshot shows how changes to the outdoor entry lighting improved the appearance and security of a row house in a historic neighborhood in Albany, New York. Lighting objectives in this installation included eliminating dark areas on the entry stoop, making it easier to see the lock at night, reducing glare, providing light at dusk without leaving lights on all day, and reducing energy use.
Field Test DELTA Snapshots
Benefits of Improved Uniformity with Parking Lot Lighting Field Test DELTA Snapshots: Benefits of Improved Uniformity with LED Parking Lot Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a rapidly growing market for LED luminaires. LEDs have the potential to efficiently provide more uniform illumination compared with conventional high-intensity discharge (HID) luminaires. Improving the uniformity is expected to result in better occupant acceptance and ratings of safety and visibility, potentially allowing for reductions in light level and energy use. The LRC performed a demonstration to test the relationship between uniformity and occupant acceptance in parking lots.
LED Street Lighting Field Test DELTA Snapshots: LED Street Lighting

Light-emitting diode (LED) technology has matured to the extent that it can be used for street and area lighting. Specifiers can now weigh the benefits of this technology relative to conventional high intensity discharge (HID) light sources. Some claimed benefits of LEDs include long life, improved uniformity, reduced maintenance, promotion of vision at low light levels, and energy savings. To investigate several of these claims, DELTA evaluated an installation of LED street lighting.
Field Test DELTA
Field Test DELTA: Photovoltaic Lighting Retrofit Kit for Bus Shelters

The DELTA research team field tested an installation of a photovoltaic (PV) lighting retrofit kit for bus shelters on Long Island, N.Y. This solar-powered system provides a backlight for large advertising signs. PV cells charge an array of batteries, eliminating the need for an external electricity supply. This field test evaluated the system's performance over an extended period of time and gauged public reaction to the system at night.
Field Test Delta Field Test DELTA: Post-Top Photovoltaic Pathway Luminaire

DELTA field-tested 24 post-top photovoltaic-powered ("PV") luminaires with LEDs (light-emitting diodes). The luminaires were installed at three public, outdoor sites in the Catskill Mountains region of upstate New York: Swan Lake Park, Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, and the Village of Woodridge. DELTA tested the luminaires to verify system performance, to evaluate people's acceptance of the system, and to quantify photometric performance and energy savings.

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