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DELTA Portfolio
DELTA Portfolio: Ballston Spa High School

DELTA examined lighting systems for three types of spaces in this new high school: the cafeteria, the library, and the art rooms. Lighting objectives included providing good task visibility and visual comfort, minimizing energy use, and providing flexibility and visual interest in the lighting. This project demonstrates that indirect lighting promotes visual comfort, designers should take into account the presence of obstructions when planning the layout of luminaires, lighting controls must be easily accessible to authorized personnel, and luminaires should be designed to resist abuse.
DELTA Portfolio: Hudson Valley Community College

Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, New York, is creating new learning environments that integrate computers into the classroom. This DELTA publication evaluates a lighting scheme for computer classrooms having two different arrangements of computers: terminals arranged in rows across the room and terminals arranged around the perimeter of the room. Design objectives included making light levels flexible while minimizing cost, energy use, and unwanted reflections on computer screens.
DELTA Portfolio: Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary School

This school's lighting contributes to its light, airy atmosphere. Energy-efficient products and automatic switching keep energy costs down while integrated windows and skylights give students and teachers a connection to the outdoors. In the gymnasium, uplight fixtures use a combination of metal halide and high-pressure sodium lamps.
DELTA Portfolio: Saratoga Medical Associates

For this project, DELTA evaluated the existing lighting in five spaces in a suite of medical offices: the reception and waiting area, one nurses' station, two examination rooms, and one doctor's office. DELTA then installed and evaluated new lighting in those same spaces. This publication details the new lighting and provides the results of the two evaluations. Features of the new lighting system include flexibility, visibility, and visual comfort and appeal; elimination of the need for supplementary lighting; and use of energy-efficient technologies.
LED Lighting in a Campus Building DELTA Portfolio: LED Lighting in a Campus Building

LEDs illuminate this new building at Siena College in Loudonville, NY. DELTA evaluated classrooms, offices, meeting rooms, lounges, hallways, stairs, and restrooms.
DELTA Snapshots
DELTA Snapshots: Compact Fluorescent Retrofit for Incandescent Downlights, Issue 3

Compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) retrofit kits can replace incandescent downlights, providing significant savings in reduced energy use and relamping frequency. This Snapshot details the relighting of a public library's circulation desk with a new 20-W CFL retrofit kit that gives the staff the illuminance they need without distracting glare. Another benefit of the new system is that it does not produce excessive heat on the circulation desk as the old incandescents did.
DELTA Snapshots: Mohonasen High School, Multimedia Auditorium

This publication evaluates two basic lighting strategies for multimedia auditoriums, which support many activities in schools and other venues. The project also demonstrates how these basic strategies might need to be modified to meet a number of lighting objectives: rendering speakers' facial features in a flattering manner, making the space look pleasant, providing illumination for audience members to read and take notes and for speakers to see their audiences, and minimizing illuminance and reflections on projection screens and monitors.
Field Test DELTA Snapshots
Delta Field Test DELTA Snapshots: Sensor-Controlled Bi-level Lighting for Parking Lots

This guide summarizes results from LRC field demonstrations of several sensor-based dimming strategies: various delay times for dimming onset, various dim levels, and grouped vs. independent control of parking lot luminaires. It also provides guidance on how to select and set up these types of systems.
Delta Field Test DELTA Snapshots: Sensor-Controlled Lighting in Multi-Family Corridors

This guide shows results from a field demonstration of sensor-controlled, bi-level corridor lighting. Occupants had positive feedback, and considerable energy savings were achieved. Monitoring results from 14 other apartment buildings enabled energy savings calculations comparing market rate vs. below market rate buildings. As energy codes move toward increased adoption of sensor-controlled lighting, these results show how to use bi-level lighting to improve energy efficiency without occupant dissatisfaction.
Alternative Technologies for Construction Lighting Field Test DELTA Snapshots: Alternative Technologies for Construction Lighting

Although conventional construction lighting often consists of strings of incandescent lamps in a simple cage, several alternative lighting technologies are now available that save energy and are acceptable to construction site workers. In this publication, the LRC evaluates conventional construction lighting and three alternative technologies: screw-base compact fluorescent lamps, screw-base LED lamps, and a low voltage LED system. This study compares worker acceptance, installation and maintenance, and energy performance of the four lighting technologies.
Finelite Classroom Field Test DELTA Snapshots: Classroom Lighting

This publication summarizes field research from the demonstration of an integrated classroom lighting system installed in seven schools in New York State. The system addresses the lighting needs of both traditional instructional technology (chalkboards) and new audio-visual presentation technology. The publication includes teacher surveys and energy calculations.
Glazing with Integral Honeycomb Baffles Field Test DELTA Snapshots: Glazing with Integral Honeycomb Baffles

DELTA evaluated a glazing product used in skylights at a contemporary art museum. The glazing product integrates translucent honeycomb baffles between two panes of clear glass. Results are presented in terms of energy savings, daylight measurements, maintenance, and museum visitor feedback.
LEDs for Construction Lighting Field Test DELTA Snapshots: LEDs for Construction Lighting

With alternative lighting technologies increasingly available for construction lighting, the LRC examined a low voltage, direct current power distribution system comprised of LED luminaires. This lighting system was installed at the construction site of the gymnasium at New York City’s new Police Academy campus. The LRC evaluated photometric conditions, worker acceptance, and installation and maintenance of the construction lighting system.
Field Test DELTA
Daylight-Harvesting Switch Field Test DELTA: Daylight-Harvesting Switch

The DaySwitch® is a simple daylight-harvesting switch designed to turn off electric lights when plentiful daylight is available. The LRC developed the DaySwitch, collaborated with manufacturing partners to build prototypes, and demonstrated the device in a wide range of locations throughout the Rensselaer campus. This publication summarizes the product features and demonstration results.

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