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DELTA Portfolio
DELTA Portfolio: DeGraff St. Industrial Center, Office and Small Manufacturing

The DeGraff St. Industrial Center is an old mill that has been renovated into office and small manufacturing space. The lighting uses T8 fluorescent lamps and electronic ballasts. Galvanized steel stovepipe incorporated into light valances helps to retain the industrial character of the mill. This project takes advantage of plentiful daylight.
DELTA Portfolio: SONY Disc Manufacturing Center, Manufacturing Facility

Sony's advanced manufacturing facility for digital optical disks requires lighting designed for good task visibility and visual comfort for its employees. The project includes lighting for clean room manufacturing, packaging, warehousing, and shipping/receiving areas. Energy-efficient lighting products reduce energy consumption while creating bright, visually stimulating spaces to help keep shift workers alert before sunrise.
DELTA Portfolio: Staples Distribution Center

High-density warehousing and distribution center with low-energy lighting controlled by occupancy sensors.
Field Test DELTA Snapshots
Alternative Technologies for Construction Lighting Field Test DELTA Snapshots: Alternative Technologies for Construction Lighting

Although conventional construction lighting often consists of strings of incandescent lamps in a simple cage, several alternative lighting technologies are now available that save energy and are acceptable to construction site workers. In this publication, the LRC evaluates conventional construction lighting and three alternative technologies: screw-base compact fluorescent lamps, screw-base LED lamps, and a low voltage LED system. This study compares worker acceptance, installation and maintenance, and energy performance of the four lighting technologies.
LEDs for Construction Lighting Field Test DELTA Snapshots: LEDs for Construction Lighting

With alternative lighting technologies increasingly available for construction lighting, the LRC examined a low voltage, direct current power distribution system comprised of LED luminaires. This lighting system was installed at the construction site of the gymnasium at New York City’s new Police Academy campus. The LRC evaluated photometric conditions, worker acceptance, and installation and maintenance of the construction lighting system.
Field Test DELTA
Demand-Response, Load-Shedding Ballast System Demand-Response, Load-Shedding Ballast System

Demand-response building systems are an important component of electricity load management programs. Until recently, the inclusion of lighting into any demand response strategy has involved turning off banks of lights manually or through a building management system with complicated distribution and/or control wiring. With its partners, the LRC developed, demonstrated and evaluated a cost-effective, load-shedding ballast system to command the lighting to dim at times of peak electric demand, without installing additional wiring.
Field Test Delta Field Test DELTA: T5 Fluorescent High-Bay Luminaires and Wireless Lighting Controls

The DELTA research team field-tested T5 fluorescent luminaires and wireless motion-sensor lighting controls at a distribution center warehouse in Albany, N.Y. The field test in this high-bay environment included illuminance measurements, energy savings calculations, verification of system component operation, and worker feedback.
Daylight-Harvesting Switch Field Test DELTA: Daylight-Harvesting Switch

The DaySwitch® is a simple daylight-harvesting switch designed to turn off electric lights when plentiful daylight is available. The LRC developed the DaySwitch, collaborated with manufacturing partners to build prototypes, and demonstrated the device in a wide range of locations throughout the Rensselaer campus. This publication summarizes the product features and demonstration results.
Mogul Screw-base LED Replacement Lamps for High Bay Environments Mogul Screw-base LED Replacement Lamps for High Bay Environments

For spaces such as warehouses and shops, conventional lighting often consists of high bay luminaires operating high-intensity discharge (HID) sources. These high-wattage lamps are typically designed to fit into larger, “mogul” sockets. Mogul screw-base light-emitting diode (LED) replacement lamps are available that allow existing luminaires to be reused. These lamps have the potential to save substantial energy, as well as reduce maintenance and improve color characteristics. DELTA researchers evaluated a high bay service facility retrofit with mogul-base LED replacements.

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