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DELTA Portfolio
Daylighting for Whole Foods Market DELTA Portfolio: Daylighting in Whole Foods Market

DELTA evaluated a newly-built Whole Foods Market in Yonkers, New York, with skylights, clerestory windows, and a roof monitor that provide daylight. The store’s daylighting allows the building management system to turn off half of the general lighting during the day.
Field Test DELTA Snapshots
Glazing with Integral Honeycomb Baffles Field Test DELTA Snapshots: Glazing with Integral Honeycomb Baffles

DELTA evaluated a glazing product used in skylights at a contemporary art museum. The glazing product integrates translucent honeycomb baffles between two panes of clear glass. Results are presented in terms of energy savings, daylight measurements, maintenance, and museum visitor feedback.
Field Test DELTA
Field Test DELTA: Photovoltaic Lighting Retrofit Kit for Bus Shelters

The DELTA research team field tested an installation of a photovoltaic (PV) lighting retrofit kit for bus shelters on Long Island, N.Y. This solar-powered system provides a backlight for large advertising signs. PV cells charge an array of batteries, eliminating the need for an external electricity supply. This field test evaluated the system's performance over an extended period of time and gauged public reaction to the system at night.
Mogul Screw-base LED Replacement Lamps for High Bay Environments Mogul Screw-base LED Replacement Lamps for High Bay Environments

For spaces such as warehouses and shops, conventional lighting often consists of high bay luminaires operating high-intensity discharge (HID) sources. These high-wattage lamps are typically designed to fit into larger, “mogul” sockets. Mogul screw-base light-emitting diode (LED) replacement lamps are available that allow existing luminaires to be reused. These lamps have the potential to save substantial energy, as well as reduce maintenance and improve color characteristics. DELTA researchers evaluated a high bay service facility retrofit with mogul-base LED replacements.

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