John F. Waymouth Collection on Lamp Sciences and Technologies: Bibliographic Search

Through the generosity of Dr. John F. Waymouth, and with financial support from OSRAM SYLVANIA, the Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is pleased to make available a searchable database of Dr. Waymouth's extensive and annotated personal collection of papers, patents and reports on the science and technology of light sources. Dr. Waymouth joined the Sylvania Lighting Division in 1950 and remained with Sylvania, later GTE Sylvania, until his retirement in 1988 as director of research and development for GTE Sylvania's Lighting Group. His productive career (so far) is summarized by the American Physical Society, which awarded him the Will Allis Prize for the Study of Ionized Gases in 2000. Dr. Waymouth's collection is housed in the Resource Collection of the Lighting Research Center and is available for study by interested researchers and students. Copies of some items may be made available for personal use by individual researchers upon request, subject to applicable copyright laws.

You must enable JavaScript in your web browser to use the search function. Enter your search term in the box above to search the John F. Waymouth Collection bibliographic database. If you enter multiple terms, the search engine will return all records containing at least one of the terms. The search is based on substrings; for example, if you enter "electron" the search engine will return all records containing that word as well as words like "electrons" and "electronic." Best results will be obtained with a single, unique search term. Each record in the database is formatted similarly:


If you are inquiring about a specific item, please provide the book and item numbers as well as the author, title and journal information. The database contains many technical abbreviations used by Dr. Waymouth. To assist in searching, he has developed an extensive keyword and abbreviation list. A list of journals and a list of research organizations included in the database are also available.

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