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Educational Opportunities
Educational Opportunities

Outreach Education

In addition to our graduate degree program, we offer a number of courses and seminars to practicing professionals and others interested in improving their knowledge of lighting.

Currently, we offer the following outreach education programs:

LED Lighting Institute
In-depth training and hands-on experience for industry professionals, covering the latest advances in solid-state lighting, including connected lighting, 3D printing, OLEDs, and more.

Light and Health Institute

Light and Health Institute
A two-day, hands-on seminar that teaches the many ways that light affects, and can be used to improve, health and wellbeing. The seminar provides attendees with the latest research and the knowledge necessary to improve our modern living environments with efficient, dynamic lighting.

The Outdoor Lighting Institute
A two-day course that provides a variety of professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to develop outdoor lighting installations that substantially reduce energy use and light pollution while improving safety and security.

The Photometry Institute
A two-day course designed to inform engineers, technicians, and testing personnel from lighting and related companies about the latest developments in photometric testing and evaluation, including new testing requirements for solid-state light sources and systems.

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