Welcome to Lighting Education Online

You are about to begin a comprehensive learning system designed to be thorough, interesting, and even fun. Before you begin, we recommend that you read the following orientation information carefully. The few minutes you spend here will make your learning experience more enjoyable, as well as more effective.
If you have any problems while completing Lighting Education Online, click on the Help button, which is located at the top of each page. From the Help page, you may return to this orientation page, or send us any questions you may have about any of the content within a lesson.

Minimum Requirements

You will need the following to complete Lighting Education Online:
  1. Monitor Resolution - 800 x 600 (recommended) or higher
  2. Internet Browser - Internet Explorer 4.0 or Netscape 4.0 (or newer versions)
  3. Browser Settings - The Lighting Education Online course is using per-session cookies ONLY. This allows us to keep track of your contact information and grades for the quizzes only. When you close your browser the cookie (text file) is removed form your computer.

    Scripting and per-session Cookies must be enabled in your browser settings. You can follow the directions below to check your browser settings:

    Microsoft Internet Explorer
    • With your browser open, go to the Tools menu and select Internet Options
    • Select the Security Tab
    • Select the Custom Level button
    • Scroll down the options until you see Cookies - make sure "Allow per-session cookies (not stored)" is Enabled."
    • Scroll down a bit further until you see Scripting - Under Active Scripting make sure "Active Scripting" is Enabled.
    • Click OK to apply any changes you may have made or Cancel if you did not have to change your settings.

    • With your browser open, go to the Edit menu and select Preferences
    • Select the Advanced option
    • In the display menu on the right, make sure Enable Javascript is selected
    • Also in the display menu on the right, make sure "Accept all Cookies" is selected

  4. Plugins - Macromedia Flash Player - If you do not already have it installed, it is available here: Flash Player
  5. PDF files - PDF links are identified by the PDF symbol.
    You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF files. If you do not already have it installed, click on the Adobe image below to download the reader.
    Get Acrobat Reader

Navigation within the Lighting Education Online Site

There are three main navigation areas: Header, Content, and Left-hand navigation. Described below is how they work:
Header Navigation

You may access the following features from the header navigation:

  • Home - returns you to the first page of Lighting Education Online
  • Terminology - takes you to the introduction to Terminology
  • Technology - takes you to the main menu for the Technology course
  • Lighting Design - takes you to the main menu for the Lighting Design course
  • Applications - takes you to the main menu for the Lighting Application course
  • Glossary - launches a separate window. This window provides you with definitions of terms specific to the lighting industry. To close this window, click on the X in the top right corner of the window.
  • Resources - launches a separate window. This window displays reference documents and manufacturer links for the entire Lighting Education site.
  • Help - launches a separate window. This window displays FAQ's, how to print, etc.
  • Exit - this button will track your progress upon exit. For now it will link you to the LRC Education homepage.
Content Navigation
content navigation

Within the Content area, various terms will be underlined and highlighted in blue [#1] to link you to various items as needed. Clicking on these linked terms will open a separate window with more information about this term or concept. When you are finished reviewing this information, simply close these new windows by clicking on the X in the top right corner of that window. You will then return to your original place within the lesson. Note: Be careful NOT to click on the X the top of the main window.

At the bottom of each page, you will find glossary terms [#2]. You may click on these terms to read their definitions. These links will open separate windows. When you have read the definition, close these new windows by clicking on the X in the top right corner of that window.

At the end of the content on each page, arrows will guide you to the next (or previous) page [#3]. Simply click on the appropriate arrow to continue.

Left-hand Navigation
The Left-hand navigation provides navigation within individual modules. The left-hand navigation appears after the learner selects a course from the menu page. It is provided to break down each module into lessons and topics.
When you select a lesson, the menu will drop down to reveal that lesson's content. It will close all other lessons in the menu. To reveal the content of more than one lesson at a time, simply hold down the ALT key while clicking on the desired lesson(s).

Remember which lessons you have completed at each sitting, and use the navigation bar at the left to move to the appropriate lesson each time you return to the program.

Animations and Interactivity

All animations will require the Flash Player plugin to appear and work properly. The plugin can be accessed and downloaded from the link above or through Macromedia's site at www.macromedia.com.

animations Animations are used throughout the program to enhance the learning experience. Some animations are controlled with a play button while others may require interactivity by the user. Instructions for interactivity as well as a play button are located at the bottom of the animation as shown here.


Every time you sign-in, the screen will display which quizzes you have completed. A lesson displayed as a hyperlink is an incomplete quiz. At the completion of each lesson or topic there will be a brief quiz (3 - 5 questions each) to review the content presented and to assure that you understand important concepts. We suggest that you do not move to the next lesson until you answer all of the quiz questions correctly. If you answer one or more questions incorrectly, you will have the opportunity to review the questions and answers, review the lesson, or take the quiz again.

NOTE: Do NOT use your browser's back button or hit the refresh button while taking the quiz. As mentioned above, this course is using session variables to track your progress through each quiz, hitting the back button will result in inaccurate records. Hitting the refresh button will bring you back to the address displayed in the address bar - ie: if you are ain technology, hitting refresh will bring you back to the main Technology overview page.

Good Luck!