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Educational Opportunities
Educational Opportunities

Advance your education with the LRC

The LRC offers two graduate degree options in lighting, a one-year Master of Science, and a Ph.D. Our graduates are in high demand, with a 100% job placement rate. Scholarships are available.
In addition, we offer distance learning and customized outreach education programs, including short courses, seminars, intensive training programs, and satellite video conferences. We have many educational resources available free of charge on our Web site, including a primer on the basic principles of light, an interactive tutorial on photo sensors, and a glossary of lighting terms.

Graduate Education
As part of the School of Architecture at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the Lighting Research Center offers the world's only university-accredited M.S. in lighting degree programs as well as a Ph.D. program. Graduates of the M.S. in Lighting program are in high demand, enjoying a 100% job placement rate. The Ph.D. program is a multidisciplinary degree; it is the highest degree in lighting. Many scholarships are available to students.

Outreach Education
In addition to our graduate degree program, we offer a number of courses and seminars to practicing professionals and others interested in improving their knowledge of lighting. These customized educational offerings include short courses, seminars, and satellite video broadcasts. We can arrange outreach education events to take place at our headquarters in Troy, New York, or at your site.

For more information please contact:

Dan Frering
Director, Grants Development and Educational Programs
Lighting Research Center, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
21 Union Street
Troy, NY 12180 USA
Phone (518) 687-7149
Fax (518) 687-7120


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