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Advancing the effective use of light for society and the environment

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Educational Opportunities
Educational Opportunities

Graduate Education


The faculty at the LRC includes some of the world's leading experts working in the field of lighting today. Graduate education at the LRC allows students to work and learn alongside these world-renowned lighting experts.

LRC faculty members are:

  • Lighting designers, architects, and architectural engineers skilled in lighting design and application
  • Physicists, engineers, and researchers investigating the latest technological innovations
  • Photobiologists, psychologists, and human factors researchers

Here is a current list of our faculty members. Click on the names to learn more about these instructors and their work.

   John D. Bullough, Ph.D.
Director, Transportation
and Safety Lighting Programs
Course Instructor

   Daniel Frering, LC
Director, Grants Development
and Educational Programs
Adjunct Assistant Professor

   Jean Paul Freyssinier, M.S.
Senior Research Scientist
Adjunct Assistant Professor

   Nadarajah Narendran, Ph.D.
Director of Research
Director, Graduate Programs in Lighting

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