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National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Workshop on Headlamp Safety Metrics: Balancing Visibility and Glare

July 13, 2004
Washington, D.C.
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Introduction Mike Perel
Basics and Physiology of Visibility and Glare
What is Glare? John Van Derlofske, Ph.D., John Bullough, Ph.D.
(Lighting Research Center)
Physiology of glare and readaptation Kent Higgins, Ph.D.
(Lighthouse International)
Visual Information Requirements for the Nighttime Driving Task
Visual information acquistion and glare Frank Schieber
(University of S. Dakota)
Visual information capabilities of older drivers Cynthia Owsley
(University of Alabama)
Trends in Automotive Lighting Technologies
Forward lighting trends: a lamp manufacture's perception Jeff Erion
Forward lighting trends: an automotive manufacturer's perception Richard Karbowski
What is a good headlamp? Jianzhong Jiao, Ph.D.
(North American Lighting)
Light source characteristics Dennis Holt
(Osram Sylvania)
Measuring Safety-Related Effects of Forward Lighting
Implications of crash data for assessing glare Michael J. Flannagan
(University of Michigan)
Seeing with headlamps Gene Farber
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