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Potential Market Activities

One survey question asked respondents to identify activities that could be taken by organizations interested in energy efficiency and that would encourage the installation of efficient traffic signals. About 48% specified that rebate programs and other types of financial assistance would be beneficial and nearly 13% wished the prices of LED signals were lower. About 32% identified a need for more data and objective information upon which to base their decisions about LED traffic signals. Just over 6% of the municipalities stated that changes in the way that electricity rates are formulated would be helpful. About 13% of the municipalities surveyed were not aware of activities that could be taken to encourage efficient traffic signals.

The fact that 61% of the respondents identified factors related to the initial cost of traffic signals indicates that their high initial cost is still a significant barrier to their more widespread use even though they often appear to be economically feasible based on life-cycle costs.

Survey and Results
1. Survey Questionnaire
2. List of Municipalities Surveyed
3. Market Snapshot
4. Specification and Purchasing
5. Technical Issues
6. Potential Market Activities
7. Summary and Conclusion
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