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The Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is the world's leading center for lighting research and education—pioneering research in solid-state lighting, light and health, transportation lighting, and energy efficiency.


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Events Calendar
Dr. Mariana Figueiro will be the Keynote speaker at the Lighting for Health and Wellbeing Conference, July 18 in Newport Beach, CA.
Dr. Mark Rea will also present at the conference.

Dr. Mariana Figueiro will present "Tailored Lighting Intervention to Improve Sleep, Mood and Behavior in Alzheimer's Disease Patients" at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference [AAIC 2018], July 22-26 in Chicago.

Dr. Mariana Figueiro will speak at the Opening Plenary session, a dialogue between the medical and design communities on the circadian, biological, and behavioral response to light, at the IES Annual Conference, August 9-11 in Boston.

Dr. Mariana Figueiro will be the Keynote speaker at the 9° LEDforum, August 23-24 in São Paulo, Brazil.

LRC Partner-Alliance Event ~This private event for LRC Partners, Alliance members and major sponsors from industry, government, and academia, will be held on September 5-6 in Troy, NY.

LED Lighting Institute September 25-27

Light and Health Institute October 3-4

Dr. John Bullough will present "How Much Does Glare Affect Naturalistic Driving Crash Risk?" at the French Society of Automotive Engineers VISION 2018 Congress, to be held October 9-10, in Paris, France.

Photometry Institute October 23-24

Special Notices

Light and Health Video Series Now Available

The LRC has released a series of short videos on the science of lighting for human health. The videos are now available on YouTube and on the LRC website.


Dates Announced for Popular LRC Institutes

The LRC is pleased to announce the dates for upcoming institutes. Register and mark your calendars now!


DELTA - Energy efficiency case studies

DesignWorks - Lighting design services

Energy - Efficient products and practices

Illumination for Plant Health - Plant disease control

Light and Health - Visual, circadian systems

NLPIP - Product testing

Solid-State Lighting - Improving, using LEDs

Transportation Lighting - Vehicle, roadway, signal


Graduate Education

M.S. and Ph.D. programs in lighting—now offering a paid post-graduation externship option at a leading lighting manufacturer, design firm, or government organization

LED Lighting Institute

Hands-on workshop for industry professionals covering the latest advances in solid-state lighting, including IoT connected lighting, 3D printing...

Light and Health Institute

Two-day seminars that teach the many ways in which light affects, and can be used to improve, health and wellbeing

Photometry Institute  

Two-day seminars about the latest developments in photometric testing and evaluation

Outdoor Lighting Institute  

Two-day seminars on outdoor lighting design to reduce energy use and light pollution while improving safety and security

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Technology R&D Expert Joins the LRC
MajumdarThe LRC welcomes Zigurts Majumdar, Ph.D. as Director of Development. He is regarded as an expert in biophysics and optical spectroscopy and has applied his expertise in diverse areas including energy, medicine, defense, forensics and the environment. Learn more.

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Lighting Patterns for Homes
A guide to lighting for health and wellbeing.

Lighting Patterns for Homes
A guide to selecting quality, efficient lighting for homes.

Working with the LRC

 Alliance for Solid-State Illumination Systems and Technologies - Industry, academia, and government working together to advance LED lighting.
Illumination for Plant Health (IPH) program — Advancing sustainable, innovative strategies for plant disease control using the latest lighting technologies.
Bridging the science of light and health to practical applications, and providing objective information grounded in basic and applied research.
Conducting research to increase the benefits of lighting while reducing its environmental and monetary costs.
Collaboration of academia, industry, public benefit agencies, and government to advance the effective use of light.
Transportation Lighting Alliance Cooperative research into lighting for vehicles, roadways, and signage.
Project Sponsorship - Sponsor a research project.
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